20 Toddler Friendly at Home Activities!

Do you have Cabin Fever yet? I know I do. My job has us working from home because ya know… social distancing. Day one working from home with 2 toddlers was rough! I was stuck between trying to get work done & feeding and entertaining the littles. By the end of the day I was SO worn out and barely got any work done. That’s when I ran to Dollar Tree and Target to ensure that the following days wouldn’t be as rough.

I’ve come up with a list of 20 things you can do AT HOME with the kids.

1. Water Table Fun- If you don’t already have one, GET ONE! The kids love playing in water and it keeps the entertained for hours! It’s also super nice if you don’t have a backyard because you can easily put it on your balcony. I got this cute Little Tikes Water Table at Target. 

2.Have story time- This is the perfect time to pull out some of the books you all haven’t read in a while. You can also have them “read” their favorite books to you. This gets interesting when they can’t read yet!

3.Practice Letters and Numbers – I got these simple two sided dry erase boards from Dollar Tree along with dry erase markers.  It only cost $3 and kept the kids entertained for an hour!

4.Sidewalk Chalk- Grabbed some chalk from Dollar Tree & I let them go to town.

5.Bake – Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes… you name it!

6.Let Them Have Screen Time- Don’t come for me ya’ll! A little screen time is okay here and there. It’ll keep your littles occupied while you get some things done.

7.Go on a walk – The kids and I have been going for a walk right before nap time and they knock out as soon as we get back inside.

8.Cook- Find a recipe online for something you’ve never made before. Delish has lots of great kid friendly ideas!

9.Make Salt-Dough- Click the here for an easy recipe!

10.Make your own Pizzas –grab some pre-made dough and your favorite toppings!

11.Play Board and Card games- Uno has become a crowd favorite at our home.

12.Color/ Draw- Dollar Tree had so many coloring and activity books to choose from but of course we went with the Paw Patrol books.

13.Throw a Dance Party- Turn on your family favorites (we’re Kidz Bop people lol) and show of your best dance moves!

14.Make your own Ice Cream Sundaes- grab your favorite toppings and get creative!

15.Do a Puzzle – We got these simple Paw Patrol puzzles at Dollar Tree!

16.Blow Bubbles

17.Exercise Together- There are a lot of family friendly exercise videos on YouTube.

18.Make a Pillow Fort- JD and Via had a pillow fight when we took ours down. ( Good way to wipe them out before bed)

19.Finger Paint- I got a couple canvases from Dollar Tree so we can hang their art in their room but good ol paper works just the same!

20.Go outside for some fun in the sun- catch, jump rope and tag are a few of our favorites!

I hope you were able to get a couple ideas to keep your toddlers busy!

What are some of your favorite at home activities to do with your toddler? Leave a comment or shoot me an email at : zohra@thekellycorner.com . I would love to hear from you!

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