Have you ever heard of Influenster?

Influenster is one of my favorite apps!  They partner with you by sending you free products to test in exchange for an honest review. They often run sweepstakes and giveaways.  I have gotten things from snacks all the way to personal care. They also have some cash back campaigns they run and give you discounts on certain brands.

Influenster is also a great place to check when you are thinking about trying a new product. You will find honest reviews and photos for thousands of products. There is also a great feature where you can ask questions to people who have already tried the product!



The VoxBoxes are FREE! Who doesn’t love FREE STUFF?  My favorite part is that the products are often FULL SIZE samples! I’ve gotten products from ARMANI, MAYBELINE, ALWAYS, OLAY, PANTENE, SECRET and many other awesome brands!

The Rosy Voxbox was my first box ever!

I was so excited to receive my first box, I didn’t care what was in it. LOL! To my pleasant surprise I actually loved everything in my first box. I got two Vera Wang samples which smelled great. I love getting sample size perfumes because I can easily throw then in my purse when I am out and about. I got Purell Naturals hand Sanitizer in a travel size bottle. I like the Purell Naturals hand sanitizer better than the regular line because it doesn’t have that heavy alcohol scent. The travel size was perfect for my diaper bag! Ya’ll know kids love to touch EVERYTHING so it’s nice to always have hand sanitizer handy. The fancy feet shoe inserts are perfect for heels and they didn’t slide around! The Secret Clinical Strength worked amazingly. Seriously…. NO SWEAT PITS in this 90+ Florida weather! They also included Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray which I did not use. I gave it to a friend and she loved it.

The Daisy VoxBox was just as awesome!

My favorite product in this box was the full size sample I received of Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies. Most gummies I’ve tried didn’t have a great taste but that wasn’t the case here. They included a coupon (which made the couponer in me really happy) to purchase more gummies in the box. I received live clean coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. I’m pretty picky about my shampoo but this shampoo was super moisturizing. It left my hair feeling clean without stripping my hair of the oils I need. I got yummy Skinny Pop popcorn. It actually had a lot more flavor than I thought it would. I got always Infinity pads. The worked really well but I am a tampon user myself. Finally, got a yes to tomatoes detoxifying charcoal paper mask. I loved that it did not irritate my face. I wasn’t a fan of the tingly feeling at the end. I really liked that the mask was big enough to cover my entire face. I still buy these at Target!

Here are a few of the VoxBoxes I’ve received:

Olay VoxBox
Garnier Fructis Style VoxBox
Pantene Edge Tamer VoxBox
Giorgio Armani Concealer VoxBox

If you’d like to read my reviews on these products you can do so at www.Influenster.com/mumxzee

I’ll make Influenster VoxBox blog posts as I receive them!

Click here to join me on Influenster! http://www.influenster.com/r/2959989

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